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1. What Category are you?

At Campbell Scale Models (CSM) we often work with customers that are missing parts and/or documents from their kits. We categorize all missing parts/document requests in one of three ways.

Category #1: You are a customer who purchased a used kit in a 3rd-party sale. This could be a purchase from a friend, at a model or model train show, on eBay (regardless if the seller calls it a new kit/part), etc. With this type of sale the purchaser (you) take on the risk if there are missing parts or kit documents. Or you are the original kit owner but just lost the the kit's documents. In this case, all costs (including shipping) are paid by you. Depending on the number of parts, the usual costs are less then $10 and shipping $3 to $3.50 in the U.S. and in Canada $9.50 to $10.00.

Category #2: A customer purchased a new kit from a retailer, or our website, and since the kit's box-seal (original seal from the manufacturer) has never been broken, anything missing from the kit must have occurred during the packing of the kit at CSM. In this case, we will replace any missing item at our expense.

Category #3: You are a customer who likes to modify kits or is a scratch-builder and needs parts we can supply. In this case, all costs (including shipping) are paid by you. Depending on the number of parts, the usual costs are less then $10 and shipping $3 to $3.50 U.S. and in Canada $9.50 to $10.00.

2. Kit Parts/Documents Form

Fill-in and submit the below form and you will be contacted within a day or two.

Customer Category: What category are you? (see paragraph 1 above)
First Name:
Last Name:
Email: PLEASE VERIFY that your email address is correct.
Phone Number:
Address (Street):
Address (City):
Address (State):
Address (Zip):
Kit Number & Name:
Missing Part Number & Name:
Additional information:

Please enter the following verification code into the box (captcha system) below:

Note: If the above verification code system isn't working for you then send your information to Thanks

3. Paying for your Parts

We use PayPal Invoicing. Once we determine what parts you need, we'll send you a PayPal Invoice with the details of your purchase. When you receive your PayPal Invoice Just click the Pay Now button on the Invoice to pay using your credit card, bank debit card, or PayPal account.

If you use your credit card or bank debit card, you DO NOT need to have a PayPal account!

When you pay using this method, we'll receive a email note about your payment and we will ship your parts. This is the easiest, simplest, and fastest way to get your parts. If you don't have a credit card, bank debit card, PayPal account or prefer not to use your card online, then other arrangements can be made.

Please note: Due to past customers not paying their invoice, we must hold all shipments (parts or documents) UNTIL the payment is received.

4. Information about Missing Kit Documents

We will sell you the documents you need, but you must first demonstrate you have the kit. Why is this? A few years ago a modeler was attempting to make and sell their own counterfeit version of a Campbell kit using our document package. We do encourage modelers to scratch-build and kit-bash, but not at the expense of the sustainability or our company. How do you demonstrate you have the kit? We might ask you specific questions about the kit or ask that you to send us a photo of your kit as an email attachment. So go to the above "Missing Kit Parts/Documents Form" and fill it out and we will get back to you.

We know this will be an added inconvenience to those that honestly need the documents, and we hope you'll understand. Most kit documents include a photo of the completed kit, a Master list (list of parts), assembly instructions, drawings and a set of templates to assist in assembly.