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You hear it all the time from retailers, "YOUR FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT TO US" and it probably is or they wouldn't spend the time developing their survey. But what do they do with this information and does anything ever become of it?

We at Campbell Scale Model want to know your thoughts about our products. At the present time we produce 132 kits, mostly in HO, but a few in N, and one in O scale. We really want to know where to best focus our efforts. So give us a few moments of your time and give us your thoughts. Your first name and email are optional, we only ask in case we have further questions we'd like to ask you.

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1. In what scale do you mostly model? (choose one)
2. How many Campbell kits have you built? (Choose one)
3. Use this area for your comments. We need your honest opinions, thoughts, or criticisms about our kits, parts or figures. What can we do better? Are we meeting your needs?