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Making a Shadow Box for your diorama

Making a Shadow Box for your Diorama

Shadow Box

Our shadow boxes have been so popular and we have had so many requests for information about them we have decided to dedicate one page of our catalog to giving a basic idea of their construction so that you might build one for your own pleasure.

A model should be selected and built before choosing a picture frame, bearing in mind the approximate size of the frame you wish to use. The frame and box should be larger than the model to give space to add scenery around the building and help blend it into the background. We suggest that if your model is a vertical structure such as a water tank or other tall building that you use a vertical frame, whereas if your building is a longer, low structure use a frame in a horizontal position.

Your shadow box maybe set right into a wall or separate case can be constructed to hold a diorama. We have not given any dimensions in the drawings for these would depend on your frame size and materials you have on hand. A well-detailed diorama will give you a three dimensional effect which is far more interesting than a flat picture. Lights in the buildings will give them life and an overhead light on a simple room dimmer switch can create a very special effect.

These displays are particularly suited for that "special"model with all that "detail" on it or for the modeler who is constructing kits now for that layout he/she is planning to build someday in the future.

Shadow Box Details

Note: the above information was first published in the Campbell Scale Models Catalog, 8th Edition.

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