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Window Measurements

Measuring Your Model's Windows and Doors


Many modelers either build from scratch or modify their structures. To assist you in your window (or door) purchase we have added measurement information for each window and door in the product description area labeled as "Details." To understand these measurements, all our windows (and doors) have an backside measurement (the measurement of the inside rabbet to rabbet). The photo above shows these measurements as "A" (Width) and "B" (Height) on the backside protrusion of the window. The opening in your wall should be a few thousands-of-an-inch larger than this dimension. The Flange measures about 3/64" (.047" or 2.38252 mm).

It is highly recommended that you use a caliper (digital or manual), or an accurate ruler, to make your measurements. When possible, measurements are given in both inches (") and millimeters (mm).