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A Word on Weathering

Quincy Fuel Dock

In building any model railroad, it is necessary to depend to a large degree on the imagination of those who view your scenery and the structures. However it is up to the modeler to do everything he/she can to heighten the realism. One of the best ways to do this is by removing that 'newly-painted' look so characteristic of toy trains. This is especially important when you are modeling a scene which is supposed to be old.

"Weathering" or "aging" your models is quite easy, and merely involves taking off the new-appearance of freshly painted cars and buildings. This can be done by gently rubbing on an overall film of powder or chalk. One of the best materials for this is artist's pastel chalk. To use this, rub your finger or thumb over the chalk and then over the model. Various colors of browns, tans, grays, plus black, white and other colors can be blended to give the dirty, smudged effect of age. Wood parts can first be stained a grayish brown or tan with lacquer-thinner in which you have cleaned your brushes, before adding the pastel-chalk treatment.