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Model Railroad Tie-Jig

Making a Model Railroad Tie-Jig


To make the laying of individual model railroad ties on your HO layout truly easy, it is necessary to make a simple "Tie-Jig" similar to the one shown in the sketch at the left. The base is any convenient piece of wood 12 to 30 inches long and about 3 inches wide. Nail or glue a strip along one edge as a straight edge and guide.

The Spacer blocks can be strips of 3/64 x 1/8" wood to which glue is applied only near the ends. Glue them to the base with 3/32" between for the ties themselves. After the glue is thoroughly dry, cut the centers out as shown, leaving a 5/8" gap right down the middle of the line of spacer blocks.

In use, cut masking tape approximately 1/4" wide, and lay it sticky-side-up in the bottom of the gap, holding it with pins or bits of tape at each end. Press ties on the tape as shown, in the spaces between the spacer blocks. Lift the tape from the jig and the row of ties comes up ready to lay in the wet glue on your roadbed.

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